• The reason why the radiator is not hot and the solution 2017-05-25 1. The first thing you need to do is to find a more professional installer when installing the heater. Give a reasonable heating design according to your own situation, including the number of radiator sets, the diameter and direction of the heating pipe, and the heating pipe with the radiator. T
  • When to install the radiator when the decoration is suitable 2017-09-03 There is a "three-point product, seven points to install." If the installation time of the radiator is not scientific or the installation workers cut corners and are not standardized, it will easily cause the above problems. Today, Xiaobian will give you step by step to share the specif
  • Surface mounted radiator error solution 2018-04-29 In recent years, with the promotion of consumption and the improvement of the heating culture in the south, the heating cover rate of the paper-loading houses and the new house is getting higher and higher. For those who do not have heating, they can also choose the way of heating. How about you
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  REATEC GmbH was founded in 1998, dedicated in research and development of High-temperature and High-acid Materials Technologies and Products in the Field of Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection.Reatec –PERT Ⅱ pipeline, adopt the Dowlex 2388 Ⅱ type raw material from DOW CHEMICAL and through the pipeline agency Germany SKZ certification, European DIN 16833/4726 and ISO 10508 standard test conditions.


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